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Kritter is a wave-based action game that’s sure to get your pulse racing! As a cutesy robot stuck on a hostile planet, you’ll have to defend your crashed ship from an onslaught of slimes, bugs, and monsters. It’s a classic top-down roguelike experience with an eye-catching art style – and an intense challenge. Take on wave after wave of enemies and see just how long you can survive before the odds finally catch up with you – the struggle might be futile, but it’s still loads of fun.

  • Variety of Weapon Upgrades
  • Humorous AI Companion
  •  Stunning Rogue-like


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protect your ship

Kritter packs a punch to even the most seasoned of gamers. The game offers plenty of variety, with satisfying upgrades and weapon builds to fight off hordes of enemies. But that’s not all – Kritter also offers temporary run-dependent upgrades for your character and permanent ship upgrades like shields and turrets that offer increased progress.

Kritter offers plenty of personality, too. It has a consistently charming visual style and a snarky, ever-ready companion A.I. that adds a unique character to the game. Up to four players can participate in co-op mode as well, making Kritter the perfect game for an evening with friends. All in all, Kritter is a truly solid roguelike experience.

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Blub Emporium

Welcome to your new emporium where you are a proprietor of your own shop, farm, and production facilities.  You can customize nearly every part of your business to make sure everything is running efficiently and can complete tiny challenges throughout the course of your daily activities

  •  Relaxing Gameplay
  •  OR
  •  Challenging Gameplay
  •  Your Choice

Blub emporium

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manage your business

Idle management games are rarely this detailed and you can essentially tailor your game experience based on the amount of effort you would like to put it.  This game can either be very relaxing or ,indeed, quite challenging and it is up to you to determine the direction that your business takes

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The Last secret

The Last Secret is a standout visual novel packed with multiple endings, detailed level design, and stunning visuals.  The game brings character building to a new level and allows the player the opportunity to truly be captain of their fate.

  • Multiple Endings
  •  Stunning Art
  •  Challenging Gameplay


The Last Secret

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filled with brain teasers

This visual novel is also complemented with a large array of mini games that can help with character development.  These types of games are diverse and can range from simple point and click to full out escape room dynamics. The Last Secret truly gives a unique player experience.  

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